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Business Foundations

Accelerate Your Business & Leadership Skills 

For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs

At Adocera, we believe that successful organizational transformation is rooted in people, culture, and community. We work with business leaders across multiple industries to help them develop their skills and build better businesses. 

Businesses are bound to start hitting ceilings that impact momentum, profitability, and passion. Whether it’s due to a poorly designed strategic plan or placing the wrong people in the wrong positions, our team of entrepreneurs are here to help guide you. Our team members have been in the trenches and truly understand what it takes to run a successful business.  

Introducing: The Business Foundations Program 

The Business Foundations Program is aimed at helping business leaders learn the language of business and build a strong foundation. This program is designed to give you the terminology, concepts, and tools that will help you not only create a winning strategy, but implement it as well.

Throughout the program, you will build and refine your business strategy for 2023 while utilizing tools to help you implement your plan.  

Is this Program Right for You? 

No matter where you are in your leadership journey, this program will help you understand the basic concepts across all the primary areas of business–from sales and marketing to building scalable systems and leveraging the strength of your people.

While this program can benefit any business owner, it is especially useful for: 

  • New business owners looking to learn business foundations & concepts 
  • Business owners who are looking to expand on their business acumen and take their business to the next level
  • Industry experts who are looking to marry their expertise with business fundamentals
  • Managers & leaders wanting to gain a business foundation to help them progress in their career

About the Program 

This Business Foundations program is 100% online and instructor-supported, with real-time classes built on 12 core modules to help you build your business foundation. These modules include: 

Module 1: Visioning- Finding Your Why 

Module 2: Financial- Understanding Your Financials

Module 3: Strategic Planning- Building Your Annual Strategy

Module 4: Financials & Strategic Annual Planning- A Deeper Dive into Your Annual Strategy

Module 5: Leadership- Find Your Leadership Style & Learn How to Lead Your Team 

Module 6: People & Culture- Unlocking the Power of Your People

Module 7: Systems- Building Your Business Playbook 

Module 8: Marketing- Understanding Your Brand & Customer Profile

Module 9: Marketing- Your Digital Strategy

Module 10: Sales- Understanding the Customer Journey & Your Own Sales Mindset

Module 11: Sales- Building Your Sales Funnel & Lead Generation

Module 12: Productivity- Working Smarter, Not Harder

WRAP UP: Presenting Your Strategic Plan

Throughout the 12 modules, our team is here to support you. Each participant will get:

  • Access to weekly virtual drop-in office hours
  • Exclusive emails with extra insights, reading materials, tools, & more
  • Access to a community of entrepreneurs 
  • Unique offerings from our strategic partners

Program Dates, Investment, & Requirements 


We are now accepting applications for the following intake dates: 

March 16th to May 25th, 2023 

This session will run weekly for 2 hours on Thursdays from 11 am-1 pm PST. 


The Adocera Business Foundations Program costs: $1,799.

We offer two payment options: A one-time payment of $1,799 or three monthly payments of $649/month.


To take this course, you'll need access to the following:

  • An email account
  • A computer, laptop, or tablet 
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A video camera & microphone

Before starting your course, we'll email you step-by-step instructions for accessing the program and materials.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your business? To register, apply here. 

Meet the Instructors

Jason (JT) Tate 

Jason has been leading businesses through an era of exponential digital change across North America for over 25 years. He is a senior leader and mentor with an extensive technology background. 

From his roles with Apple, Robots & Pencils, Chata.ai, smpl.systems, and Adocera, Jason has accumulated tremendous technical experience in managing enterprise data centers, leading global software development teams, and directing cutting-edge technologists and data scientists. His past leadership roles have included everything from Director to Chief Executive Officer.

Jason leverages his diverse education and career experience to enhance organizational productivity and efficiency by effectively leveraging technology. He is an advisor with Alberta Women Entrepreneurs, Alberta Catalyzer, Canada West Foundation, and Platform Calgary. 

JT is also an instructor at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and Mount Royal University, working with entrepreneurs, executives, and senior managers from start-ups to high-growth enterprises, and everything in between. 

Jason currently sits as a technology expert on several post-secondary advisory boards in Canada and the United States.

Melissa Pauliuk

Melissa co-founded Adocera based on a shared passion for helping business owners and leaders take their businesses to the next level, invest in themselves, and unlock the potential in their people. 

With a degree in Entrepreneurship and International Business, Melissa started her first company while still in University. Since then, she has spent the last 20 years launching and running multiple companies while working with business leaders across North America to help them fulfill their passion and build better companies. 

Melissa's expertise is rooted in ROP–Return on People. She works with business leaders to put the right people in the right seats. Specializing in strategic planning, visioning, financial awareness, and leadership, Melissa helps business leaders successfully articulate their vision and core values, understand their financials and data to develop goals and strategic plans, and build strength-based teams. Her ability to extract owners from the day-to-day and focus on the big picture has helped her clients realign and transform their organizations. 

Within Adocera, Melissa conducts various training and workshops and takes on consulting clients directly. When not wearing her entrepreneurial hat, you can find Melissa exploring her backyard of the Pacific Northwest either hiking, camping, or skiing with her family. 

Kip Lindsay

Kip's active role with Adocera is Vice President of Business Development. 

He is an entrepreneurial and driven executive with over 20 years of experience leading and collaborating with world-class executives in start-ups and enterprise companies. From proven fundraising and networking skills to building fruitful and lasting relationships with hundreds of clients and delivering multimillion-dollar bottom-line growth, Kip successfully combines his real-life experience of owning several businesses over 20 years with Executive and Corporate Leadership education from York and Cornell University. 

Kip is a highly skilled and professional executive with proven results who leads by example. He creates a climate for maximum performance while developing world-class performers within organizations that he is involved with.

Patrick Rousseau

Patrick has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship in a broad range of ventures. 

His background as an Industrial Designer has given him the tools to recognize and make products that are easily understood and used. This approach led him to co-found a company that is now publicly traded and recognized as the world's leading company in its market. He also started, ran, and advised businesses in many different industries and categories, which gives him a comprehensive skill set in all aspects of commerce. 

From grassroots to publicly traded companies, Patrick has done it all.