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Leading Your Team Through Hybrid Work

Leadership is about more than just having a title. It's about how you interact with your team, and how you bring out the best in them. In an organization, it's essential to think about how you will lead the way through the changes. 

Over the last couple of years, the business world has seen immense change, one of the biggest being remote work. Now that we’re coming out of the pandemic, remote work certainly hasn’t gone away. 

According to Future Forum, nearly 72% of employees said they never want to return to the traditional way of working and expect a hybrid-remote office model. So how will you continue to lead a successful team, and organization, going forward?  

Keep reading this article to learn more about implementing a hybrid working model to build a solid corporate culture, achieve innovation, and solidify a successful future.

The Benefits of Hybrid Work

It’s no wonder so many employees would prefer a hybrid work environment moving forward. From better work-life balance to reconsidering what is imperative to your organization’s success, the trend of hybrid work can be a major component of your future. 

The benefits of hybrid work are abundant and include:

  • It forces your organization to focus on productivity not efficiency 
  • It gives you the opportunity to redefine your culture 
  • You can reduce the cost of your operations
  • It allows you to redefine collaboration 
  • It allows you to focus on your employees & what matters to them 

The Struggles of Hybrid Work

Hybrid work affects every aspect of your business–your employees, your clients, your ability to lead, and your organization as a whole. 

With meetings being taken from home, are we pushing the boundaries of the workplace relationship? It’s definitely something to keep in mind. We know the people that we work with professionally, and under some rare circumstances, we know them personally. Did we consider that many people show a carefully curated representation of themselves, a professionally-produced personality that could be difficult to maintain when working from home? 

With this, there are additional cons to working from home, including: 

  • Diminished client experience
  • Increased employee isolation
  • Heightened Cyber Risks 
  • Difficulty remaining productive in routines

As a leader, you also face cons. You have limited visibility into progress, you have less face time with your employees, and it can be difficult to recreate the same cohesive culture you have in person. It’s important to consider how these factors affect your organization and what you can do as a leader to limit the cons and benefit from the pros. 

How to Lead Your Team Through Hybrid Work

The hybrid workplace model seems to be an inevitable arrangement for organizations all over the world. Now that you’re aware of some of the pros and cons, how can you lead your hybrid team to success? How can you ensure your team is effective? How can you help limit the detriments that face your team and organization? 

The answer to all these questions lies in learning to continually adjust your leadership approach. In an ever-changing business landscape, you have to be flexible, open to learning, and open to feedback. 

At Adocera, we’ve highlighted four important shifts you can make as a leader to successfully lead a hybrid workplace team.

  1. Manage performance through outcomes, impact, and ownership by setting clear goals
  2. Create opportunities for building trust and togetherness both at home and in the workplace
  3. Facilitate engaging with other people, whether it be on teams or 1:1’s, even when your employees aren’t in the workplace
  4. Implement a two-way feedback and communication system so you’re always of what’s working, and what isn’t

Get the Support You Need

The hybrid workplace model can be hard to perfect. Everyone is still learning how to make it work for their organization and their goals–there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

When you need support, our team at Adocera is here to help you. We’re a team of thought leaders and change catalysts focused on developing innovative business solutions. Visit our website to learn more about us and how we can help lead your organization to success.