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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is redefining how organizations operate. From improving data collection to enhancing the stakeholder experience at every step, organizations across several industries are reaping the benefits of digital transformation

With so many businesses making the transition, you risk getting left behind if you don’t address the necessity of adjusting your digital position. 

No matter how large your organization is, or what industry you’re in, starting a digital transformation requires a completely new mindset. By working from the ground up, you have the opportunity to reimagine how your organization runs, impacting your business at every level. 

While digital transformation is a broad term, It’s more than just a catchy keyword–it’s an entire business strategy that can transform your organization for the better. So what exactly is digital transformation, and how can it benefit your organization? Keep reading to learn more about digital transformation, why it’s necessary, and how you can implement digital transformation effectively.

Digital Transformation Defined 

Undergoing a digital transformation varies vastly from company to company, which is why it can be difficult to define. While digital transformation will be different for every organization, it’s generally defined as the process of using digital technologies to create or modify business processes, culture, and consumer experiences resulting in fundamental changes to how a business operates. 

No matter what your organization looks like, or what your goals are, digital transformation is the incorporation of technology into five key areas:

  • Products
  • Processes
  • Strategies
  • Culture
  • Customer Experience

Why is Digital Transformation Important?

Across industries, change is happening faster than ever before. With an ever-changing landscape, it’s imperative to be able to adjust and adapt rapidly. Digital transformation is the key to staying ahead. 

The 5 Key Areas of Successful Digital Transformation & Their Benefits 

Although digital transformation will vary widely based on an organization's specific challenges and demands, there are a few factors that all businesses should consider:

  • Business strategy transformation
  • Business operations realignment
  • Adoption of new practices for agility and experimentation
  • A flexible technology core for sustainable change
  • People change management

By combating digital transformation in these key areas, organizations can experience a variety of benefits, including: 

  • Stronger competitive position
  • Higher profits 
  • Enhanced data collection
  • Stronger resource management
  • Data-driven customer insights
  • A better customer experience
  • Improved collaboration & culture 
  • Increased profits & agility 
  • Improved productivity & efficiency

Adapting Your Business: Where to Start

It can be difficult to understand digital transformation, and even more difficult to know where to start. Here are 4 ways you can set your organization up for success with digital transformation. 

View it as a Complete & Ongoing Transformation

A successful digital transformation will impact every level of your business. You shouldn’t think of it as a one-time adjustment, but instead, as a large-scale transformation that is ongoing and ever changing. 

Develop, Define, & Share Your Strategy 

It’s important to have a clear vision that every employee is aware of. Digital transformation requires buy-in from every level to be as effective as possible. Having a clear transformation strategy and communicating it across your organization is crucial to success. 

Break Down Barriers to Change

Change can be difficult, which is why it’s important to focus on communication, alignment, and motivation. If your employees see the benefits of change, they’ll be more likely to trust the process. Creating a business culture in which feedback is encouraged, innovative ideas are heard, and education is prioritized, will only make the transformation process easier to adopt. 

Find the Right Support 

Digital transformation is a complex process that can be hard to get right the first time. For most companies, digital transformation requires continual adjustments, training, and a completely new approach. This can be a difficult thing to do without help. 

At Adocera, our team is always here to help. With years of experience, we can help your organization implement digital transformation effectively while mitigating the risks. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about our digital transformation courses and workshops.