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What is Organizational Transformation?

Organizational change is one of the most effective ways to achieve a competitive advantage. But organizational transformation isn’t a one-and-done process– it’s a continual development plan. To remain relevant in a competitive market, you must constantly address and adjust your company’s strategic plan. 

Organizational change can seem like a big task, so how do you know where to start? Our team at Adocera is here to help. We’re digital and organizational transformation specialists and can help take your company to the next level. 

Keep reading to learn more about organizational change, why it’s a critical factor in your business's overall success, and how you can use it to your advantage. 

Understanding Organizational Transformation

What exactly is organizational transformation? First, imagine what it would look like if your organization was performing at its most optimal level. How do you get there? That’s where organizational transformation comes in. 

Organizational transformation is a business strategy intended to move your organization from where it currently is to align with your desired goals. Organizational change focuses on initiatives involving: 

  • Company values, mission, & vision 
  • Employee experience & overall culture
  • Streamlining business models & processes

Ultimately, organizational change all boils down to one concept: investing in your people so they will invest in your business. 

The Importance of Organizational Transformation

Organizational transformation is necessary for companies to succeed and grow.

In a world where the competitive market is rapidly changing, it’s imperative to rethink how your company operates. While product, service, and technological innovation are all critical components in growing your business, it’s difficult for these to be successful without your people. That’s why organizational transformation focuses on changing the way your employees work at every level of your organization. 

By changing the way your employees operate, you’re opening your business to the possibility of successfully integrating new technologies and processes, helping you meet business goals in competitive industries that are constantly shifting. 

How Does it Work?

Organizational transformation is about re-modeling your organization in its entirety. 

While organizational transformation addresses overall structure and processes, it all starts with auditing the attitude of your employees, their perspectives, and your business's overall culture. In most cases, successful organizational transformation requires a significant change in these areas. 

Adjusting how your employees operate can lead to:

  • Greater team alignment & achieving shared goals
  • Enhanced employee performance
  • Positive work culture

By changing how your employees operate, you can see your competitive advantage increase and an improvement in the success of your overall business. 

Organizational Transformation: The 3 Key Areas to Focus On 

To stay ahead, companies need to embrace the ever-changing business landscape. When planning an organizational transformation, there are three main aspects to focus on.

Your People

Without employee success, company-wide success can be challenging to obtain. It’s true–an organization is only as successful as its employees, and that goes for any business in any industry.

Change starts with the individual. So how can you ensure your employees are motivated to make the change? Some of the components to concentrate on when undergoing any type of change in your organization includes: 

  • Employee feedback & recognition
  • Two-way communication models 
  • Regular reviews of compensation & benefits 
  • Defined accountability & organizational structures
  • Employee involvement in decision making

Your Processes

Another essential aspect of organizational transformation is improving your organization's existing processes and adopting more successful approaches. This can increase:

  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Overall performance

Your Technology

Digital transformation is a critical step in successful organizational change. 

To boost your business, improving your innovation, technical expertise, and automation cannot be left behind. These elements are crucial to helping your organization advance, remain relevant, and stay competitive. 

Choose Adocera

At Adocera, digital and organizational transformation are what we do. We have 20+ years of experience and have helped countless companies change how they work. 

We know that no business is the same, which is why our approach to transformation is completely tailored to you and your organizational goals. 

We’re here to help you every step of the way–from optimizing leadership skills to streamlining processes. Our courses and workshops can help you lead a successful organizational transformation.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you transform your business.